Tips and Tricks: Last Minute Gift Wrapping

Thank you all for your patience over the last few weeks as I worked to complete my Master’s Thesis. I am excited to report I am officially done and, as my first order of business, I think a new blog post is in order! After all, the holidays are less than one week away!

I don’t know about you guys, but I may love giving gifts as much as receiving them. When it comes to the holidays, I actually get a little stressed out trying to identify the perfect gift for everyone. Despite the lack of time I had to worry about the holidays these last few months, I still did my best to make sure this year would be no different and everyone got taken care of. Thanks to the help of my sister and fiancé, I think I may have just been able to pull it off!

But as we all know, securing the gifts is only the first step in preparing for the holidays… the second step, getting them wrapped! For some, this is the worst part of gifting, but for me, making my presents look pretty is easily the best part! I truly enjoy wrapping my gifts and making each bow by hand, but I’ll admit this can be time consuming and often gets expensive. Even worse, the more paper you use, the more wasteful the entire process becomes (especially if you celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas like Matty and I do each year). So, given I have been short on time to get all my gifts wrapped in their typical style, I decided this year was as good a time as any to challenge myself to work smarter and not harder.

  • To save time, I limited myself to going to only one store for supplies (when I usually go to several). My choice, while not always the most cost effective, The Container Store. While The Container Store has a gift wrap section all year round, this single aisle turns into a Gift Wrap Wonderland around the holidays that truly can’t be beat!
  • To save money and prevent unnecessary waste, I limited myself to purchasing only 1 wrapping paper design to show to you guys an easy way you can save on paper without sacrificing the desired look you are going for.
  • To ensure each of my gifts were able to still coordinate with the appropriate holiday and maintain a unique look and feel, I also purchased a variety of ribbons to add to my collection as well as a few other odds and ends to complete each look. Anything else you see here, are just things I had lying around my home!

The results, well, take a look for yourselves…..

Metallic Pine Cone Wrapping Paper:

GOLD PAPERWrapping Paper

GOLD 1 Christmas

GOLD 3Hanukkah

GOLD 2Seasonal

Now, before you ask, yes, I could have saved myself some time and money by purchasing pre-made bows, but I find unless you get your hands on the right ones and have the right ribbon to compliment them, the gifts just don’t come together quite the same.  I’ll give you guys a sneak peak of how I make all these different bows another day 🙂

Before I go… here are some other combinations I came up with to help inspire you to get creative and maximize your use of your wrapping papers this holiday season. Good luck and don’t hesitate to comment with any questions!

Night Blue Wrapping Paper:

BLUE PAPERWrapping Paper

BLUE 1Christmas

BLUE 2Hanukkah

BLUE 3Seasonal

Antlers Wrapping Paper:

Antlers PaperWrapping Paper

ANTLERS 1Christmas

ANTLERS 2Hanukkah

ANTLERS 3Seasonal


Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

xx Lindsey


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