The Right Chemistry

In a later post, I’ll get into why the colors and textures you surround yourself with each day truly impact your mood and overall state of mind; but for Part 2 of this post on paint, I want to dive deeper into the importance of selecting the right kind of paint. No, not the right color, or the right brand, or the right finish, but the right kind of paint. Most people out there don’t want to spend hours researching types of paint; it’s hard enough deciding on a color. Instead, most people assume when it comes down to it, paint is paint, right? These people would be wrong.

It’s safe to say that one of the many trends of today is to live a healthy lifestyle: eat well, exercise often, get adequate sleep; the list goes on. For years, commonly used paints have contained something called VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and many still do. Now I am far from a scientist and don’t always treat my body as well as I should, but one glance at the health risks associated with VOC’s, and you will know what I mean when I say, the type of paint you use matters. Of course there are natural sources of VOC’s around the world which we are exposed to every day, but why add more VOC’s to our environment where we have the opportunities to eliminate them?

The premise of  this post is not to make you think you need to go out and repaint your entire home (I get that’s not always practical); but rather, to offer insight into the different types of paints out there and to help you better understand why some paints can be preferable to others. So when the time comes for a fresh coat of paint in the family room or you are preparing a nursery for a new little one, be sure to keep Zero VOC paint lines in mind. I’m sure tomorrow I’ll learn there’s something in those paints that’s also jeopardizing my health, but until then, here are some paint lines that I recommend for those of you looking to avoid the addition of more unnecessary chemicals in your home.

A Few Interior Paints Lines with Zero VOC:

Again, if now isn’t the best time to repaint your home, check out other easy ways to Breathe Easy here!

xx Linnie

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