Spring Ready: 5 Simple Steps

I’ve only been here a month or two, but from what I understand, Seattle sunshine means spring is in the air and summer is on its way…and not a minute too soon! I’ll be honest, I’m used to painful Chicago winters. They are cold, snowy, and plain old miserable; but Seattle winters… well, in my opinion, they are their own breed of miserable! Undeniably, a lot less cold than Chicago, but significantly gloomier and a tad rainy for my liking. That said, I’ve been told the gorgeous summer months make living through Pacific North West winters all worth it and I for one am excited to get a taste of what all the fuss is about in the coming months!

Yep, I am ready for spring, and my guess is, you guys are too! But, have you taken the time to get your home ready for spring? Depending on who you are, transitioning your home from winter to spring may or may not be a lot of work. I know for me, it’s something I tend to put off until I’m sure winter is officially over (nothing worse than being teased with a nice spring day, only to have it snow 2 inches the day after)! But, sooner or later, you’ll look outside and know, spring has truly arrived!

There are many things you can do to get your home ready for spring. In my home, I like to prepare for spring by doing 5 things: Clean Up, Lighten Up, Dress Up, Fill Up, and Open Up!


Clean Up

Before you go out and start bringing in all sorts of new things to liven up your house this spring, it’s critical you first take the time to do some cleaning. Unless you’re a neat freak like me, this may not be your favorite part of prepping your home for spring, but I promise, it’s necessary and you’ll thank me later!

During the winter months, we tend to be less active and, dare I say, some of us even get a bit lazy. Quite honestly, people tend to let themselves off the hook when it’s dreary outside. We start cramming things into out cabinets, throwing things into drawers where they don’t belong, and put off doing important jobs around the house like cleaning behind the fridge or scrubbing the bathroom floors.

Prep your home for spring by first ridding it of all unnecessary clutter! Spring is also a wonderful time to get yourself reorganized and give your home the deep cleaning you have been putting off the last few months! You’ll be surprised how something as simple reorganizing your kitchen pantry or cleaning out your front hall closet can make your home feel fresh and ready for spring!

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Lighten Up

With the bitter cold behind us, it’s time to move away from dark and heavy, and step into the light! If the time is right, give your walls that fresh coat of paint they’ve been needing (and don’t be afraid to add some color to the mix). If repainting an entire room isn’t of interest to you right now, consider giving your wall moldings a fresh coat of paint instead! I am a huge fan of wall moldings because they can make such a dramatic difference to a room. Having said this, if you have them, take the time to take care of them and keep them looking fresh! It’s a great and simple way to begin getting your home in shape for spring.

Also, remember, spring is all about “light and airy,” so take some time to put away anything around the house that maybe weighing it down. Heavy throws and bulky bedding can be replaced with more lightweight blankets that are more appropriate during warmer months. Need some fresh throws this spring? Here are a few of my favorites!

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Dress Up

Spring is all about adding a little fun back into your life! Don’t be afraid to get creative and even a little daring. Add some bold patterns and pops of color with some fun new throw pillows and/or fresh bedding! Floral patterns are everything in spring so don’t be afraid to go for it, even if it may feel a bit outside your comfort zone. And you don’t have to stop at pillows and bedding, even a new rug or hand towel can help you add that little bit of fun your space needs to really get that feeling of spring flowing through your house!

Of course, all things in moderation, so try to avoid getting too carried away and over doing it. You’ll be amazed how different and refreshed a room can look after adding even one new surprising element. Here are some fun finds to help inspire you this spring!

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Fill Up

The snow has melted, the sun is out and it’s time to come out of hibernation. Head to your local markets and fill up on all your favorite fruits that are now in season! Not only is snacking on fresh fruits a wonderful way to fuel your body after a long winter, they can also come in handy when looking to add some fun decorative accents around the house!

Pull out your favorite glass vases or center piece bowls and put your favorite fresh fruits out on display. It’s a practical, cost effective, and straightforward way to add a punch of color and bring that warm feeling of spring right into your home!


Don’t forget, spring is also known for its flowers! While spending money on flowers may feel wasteful to some, I assure you there is no better way to bring that feeling of spring into your home (and you can always compost them when you are done). So, get out your vases, both big and small, and add some floral accents around your living rooms, powder rooms, bedrooms, etc. Not only will they make your rooms look refreshed, they will smell refreshed too!


Open Up

This one is my favorite as it costs nothing and requires minimal effort on your end. Open up your home this spring by, quite literally, getting up and opening up your windows! Pull back the curtains, open your blinds and let in some of that gorgeous daylight we too often take for granted. You’ll be amazed how something as simple as adding some natural light can transform the look and feel of a space!


And, if you are feeling extra daring, you can take this one step further and crack open your windows or sliding glass doors to let in some fresh air! How we experience a room is as much about what we smell and feel, as it is about what we see. Don’t believe me? Well, give it a try… remember sometimes the best things in life, are free!

Wishing everyone the best of luck transitioning to spring! As always, comment with any specific questions you may have and I’ll write back!

xx Linnie

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