Simple & Affordable: Bedroom Makeover

There’s generally one room in your home you don’t often show off to guests. Its a private space, just for you and you alone. It’s a place you go to, to relax, unwind…where you can finally get some “me time.” It is this oasis where, on average, people spend about 1/3 of their lives; but given 99% of the time no one other than you ever lays eyes on your bedroom, is it really worth spending excess amounts of money to make it look nice?

This is a question only you can answer. How I see it, if I’m spending 1/3 of my life in one particular space, then that space is easily one of the most important ones for me to invest in; but, I recognize, not everyone out there may agree. So, what if your bedroom isn’t the space you want to invest much of your money in? Are there still ways to make sure your bedroom is a space you want to spend at least 8 hours of your day in? The answer, is yes!

10 Simple & Affordable Ways to Makeover Your Bedroom



Throw Pillows & Blankets. Don’t be too quick to judge the power of pillows! Adding some fun throw pillows & a blanket or two to your bedroom is an easy and affordable way to add some intrigue to your space. And no, not everything has to match (I’d personally encourage you to stray away from those “bed in a bag” gimmicks). More times than not, unexpected bold colors and unique patterns are game changers in small, intimate spaces and can really give your bedroom the revival its been looking for!

Great Places For Throw Pillows & Throws: LuLu & Georgia, Tonic Living, Society6



Bedside Table Lamps. Just because your home offers recessed lighting in every room, doesn’t mean table lamps aren’t an option for your bedroom. In fact, nightstand accent lamps can really add character to your space and often provides a room with the personal touch it’s been previously lacking. Some people prefer a more “matchy” look, where both bedside lamps are the same, while others opt to mix and match their lamps, adding some additional personality to their space. Either way, bedside table lamps are a great no brainer that can help bring your bedroom to a whole new level.

Great Places For Bedside Table Lamps: Wayfair, Rejuvenation, Room & Board



Plants & Fresh Flowers. As humans we have an inherent inclination to feel connected with the nature. So, why not surround yourself with some fresh cut flowers and/or plant life in the one room you spend a majority of your time? Yes, of course, fresh plants and flowers will require a bit of maintenance on your end, but this seems like a reasonable price to pay to liven up the one space you rely on to help you relax and recharge night after night.

Great Places For Fresh Plants & Flowers: Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Any Local Flower Shop



Fresh Wall Decor. Sometimes a little change goes a long way, especially when you’re talking about the things hanging from your bedroom walls! Don’t be afraid to retire old wall decor and replace it with new paintings, photographs, tapestries, or mirrors to make your bedroom is always an accurate reflection of the type of person you are and aspire to be.  After all, your the one who has to wake up and look at these things each morning, so why not make sure your walls are filled with things worth looking at?

Great Places For Fresh Wall Decor: Etsy, 20 x 200, UGallery



Dresser Hardware. Sometimes, buying a new dresser just isn’t in the cards. So what should you do with an old dresser you need, but can’t stand to look day in and out? Changing up drawer & cabinet hardware is a simple and easy way to give your dresser the little sprucing up it needs! Give it a try; more times than not, new hardware can add years to your dressers life (and may even make you wonder why you ever considered tossing it in the trash)!

Great Places For Dresser Hardware: Anthropologie, Restoration



Affordable Finds. Furniture can be expensive, but sometimes your bedroom just requires something new. Now, of course, that doesn’t mean you need to go and replace everything! Sometimes fresh nightstands, a cute side chair, or even a new bench for the end of your bed is all you need to really transform your space. Even better, if you’re strategic about it, these things don’t have to break the bank!

Great Places For Affordable Finds: One Kings Lane, Target, Joss & Main, Hayneedle



A Fresh Coat of Paint. And then there are times when you just need that fresh coat of paint, especially when you’ve lived somewhere for a long time! If you’re going to be sleeping in your bedroom soon after you repaint, I highly recommend selecting a paint that has zero VOC (you can learn more about Zero VOC paints here)! As far as colors go, well that’s ultimately up to you! Sometimes a room calls for a basic neutral, but don’t be afraid to go with something a little more daring… remember, color really makes all the difference!

Great “Go To” Neutral Paint Colors: Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter (my favorite), Benjamin Moore Oystershell, Benjamin Moore November Rain, Sherwin Williams Aloof Gray, Farrow & Ball Cornforth White, Farrow & Ball Ammonite

Great “Go To” Bold Paint Colors: Benjamin Moore Shadow, Benjamin Moore Gentleman’s Gray, Farrow & Ball Off Black, Farrow & Ball Down Pipe



A New Rug. Whether your bedroom is carpeted or hardwood, a rug can offer your bedroom some of the warmth and texture it may be currently lacking. Every bedroom calls for something different, whether that be the rug shape, color, pattern, or feel; and, I hate to say it, but there may be more than one right answer. That said, don’t be afraid to play around with different options (especially if you can find rugs that are returnable). Often times, actually seeing them in your space can make all the difference. If bringing home the actual rug to try out isn’t an option before purchasing, ask for a sample so you can at least get a feel for what it might look like in your space!

Great Places For Rugs: Overstock, Serena & Lily, Dash & Albert via Layla Grayce



Window Treatments. Of course, nothing makes a bigger statement in any room than window treatments. Yes, well done window treatments often land more on the pricey side, but they really do make all the difference! Non custom drapery options are most affordable and not hard to come by. Should you elect to go this route, make sure to do your research so they don’t hang too short once installed or drag too much at the bottom. Literally, nothing pains me more than drapery that hangs too short, so if you have to choose between a drape that is a little long vs. a little short, I always vote to let a little more drag on the floor!

Great Places For Ready Made Drapery: West Elm, CB2, Pottery Barn Teen



Rearrange & Recycle. More times than not, you may find you have more to work with than you think. That said, before you start spending any money, I always encourage people to play around and do some rearranging with the items they already own. Often times, you may be able to find the solution you’ve been looking for without spending a penny!

On the other hand, as you take the time to go through your things, don’t be afraid to say goodbye to furniture pieces and decorative items that no longer serve a purpose in your home. I know we all get attached to things, but clutter is never a good thing and sometimes, its best to let things go. Should you find yourself falling into this category and the time has come to say goodbye to a few items that are still in decent shape, PLEASE call Good Will or a local organization to pick up your things rather than tossing them in the trash! Even if donation isn’t an option, at least do your best to recycle your things. The design industry is notorious for being wasteful, so its important we all do our part when we have the chance to do so!

On A Personal Note…

I know this post has gone on for far too long, but before I sign off, I have to wish my fiance and best friend a very happy birthday! I’m sad we aren’t able to spend it together this year, but I promise we will have a big celebratory dinner once I officially move to Seattle early next month. Sawyer and I love you with all of our hearts and we cannot wait for the exciting year ahead!

xx Linnie

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