My Favorite Nightlights

My mom always tells me I was the wimpiest kid ever. I was very shy, afraid of everything and NEVER wanted to sleep in my own bed. To say I was afraid of the dark was an understatement, but luckily for me this was just a stage and something I’d eventually grow out of as I got older. Needless to say, I always had mixed feelings when it came to Halloween. On the one hand; I loved any excuse to get all dressed up, stay up late and eat lots of candy (most of which remains true today). On the other hand; I did everything in my power to avoid things like haunted houses, creepy costumes, and scary movies. Still, no matter how hard I tried, there was just no avoiding the dark.

Whether it was October 31st or the middle of July, I never felt safe sleeping alone at night in the dark. So, my mom invested in various nightlights that ultimately helped me feel more secure. While I now prefer to sleep in the pitched dark, nightlights served a great purpose in my childhood home for many years. Today, nightlights continue to help kids like me feel safe in their rooms at night… and, even better yet, they make for the cutest decorative additions to any nursery and/or kids room! Since I often assume all kids are like I was and afraid of the dark, nightlights have become one of my favorite go to gifts. I also always make sure to sneak one (if not several) into any nursery or kids room I design. There are millions of options out there. They range in price and functional capabilities, but here are some of my favorites. Which ones do you like best?

Hope these help you light up the night for your little ones. Safe ‘Trick or Treating’ everyone and Happy Halloween!

xx Linnie

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