Let’s Do This!

Okay, yes, I know what you’re all thinking; another girl, starting another blog about design?  The cliché is so obvious it even pains me; and yet, here I am, typing away, doing exactly that. Really, it makes a lot of sense for me to blog. I am passionate about interior design, less than 4 months away from receiving my masters, I enjoy writing, and, it has been said, MANY TIMES OVER that I always have something say. But to just pick up and start blogging, really never felt like me. My friends and family always encouraged me to give it a try and my response to them usually went something like, “does the world really need another interior design blog?”

It wasn’t until I realized how many people came to me with questions about interior design that I recognized there may actually be questions out there left unanswered. Personally, I never thought I’d be the person to write a blog about my favorite gray paint color (which by the way is Benjamin Moore’s, Revere Pewter … seriously though, it’s like the Ryan Gosling of paint colors); but of course, if someone asked for my opinion on gray paint, I would happily share my thoughts. Still, I never felt that simply having a favorite paint color, made me a worthy blogger, so I knew if I was ever going to feel comfortable blogging, my posts had to offer more.

I’ve decided the only way I can really go after this blogging thing is to attempt to offer people a deeper meaning and greater understanding of design; educate them on why design matters in the first place, and show them the true power that lies in well-designed interior.  Meaning. Interior design has meaning, and most people have likely never made the connection between those two ideas. Meaning. I kept coming back to that word and realized, that would be what made my blog unique.

The built environment in which we conduct our everyday lives matters; and yet, most people out there, don’t stop to give it much thought. Well, this blog is going to attempt to offer people a deeper meaning and greater understanding of design. This blog, unlike some, is going to try to educate people as to why design matters in the first place, and show those interested, the true power that lies in a well-designed interior. Don’t kid yourselves, I’m still going to share all my personal opinions, my do’s and don’ts, likes and dislikes when it comes to design, but I promise this blog will also take the art of interior design a step further and hopefully give things that don’t seem to matter, a bit more meaning.

I look forward to each of you joining and challenging me along the way!

xx Linnie

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