Grayz are the Craze

After my first post, it seems logical that I offer you all a more meaningful explanation regarding my formerly mentioned favorite gray paint color. After all, Grayz are the Craze right now! First, let me say what every person out there trying to pick a gray paint does not want to hear, almost every shade of gray paint, has a place and purpose. Maybe Sherwin Williams, Serious Gray, doesn’t have a place in your personal home, but I guarantee this rich, cool- gray color has a home out there somewhere. You’ll notice, I use the term “home” a lot – it’s basically my way of describing the perfect place, where something belongs. For example, my boyfriend’s shoes are never put away in their proper home (rather his shoes are typically in the middle of the family room being eaten by our adorable 13lb dog, but you get the idea) …

My personal home consists of many Benjamin Moore Greige’s, my favorite of which being Revere Pewter. For someone looking to capture the modern light gray wall trend, but looking to avoid creating a room that feels too “cool,” Revere Pewter is pretty much as good as it gets! While seemingly a basic shade of gray to the average eye, this particular paint offers warmer undertones and a complexity that keeps a room feeling cozy, while remaining soft, versatile and sophisticated year-round.

In our apartment, Revere Pewter serves as a transitional color that gently flows down the hallway from one room to the next (most of our friends who come over are always surprised to hear two of my walls beside each other are different colors). Yes, if Revere Pewter was a child in pre-school, its report card would read: “plays well with others.”


I’ve read posts by other bloggers claiming Revere Pewter is too muddy for hallways; but I think that’s harsh and too general of a statement. Depending on lighting and other surrounding design elements, I think Revere Pewter can look completely different in one space than it does in another. That said, no matter how this color plays in a given room, I find it rarely disappoints!

Of course, it’s possible that Revere Pewter doesn’t have a “home” in your home. Should that be the case, I still recommend using it as a starter point for those of you looking to join the Grayz Craze. Since it is such a versatile color, you can use it to identify what you like and don’t like, and leverage it as a means of finding the gray that is right for you!

Other Similar Grays

Stay tuned for next weeks post where I will offer value on the importance of selecting the right type of paint!

xx Linnie

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