Pretty & Practical: Form Follows Function

It goes without saying that some of the best designed spaces are pretty to the eye; but, you may be surprised to learn that the designs I find to be most inspirational don’t stop at simply being “pretty.” Yes, my most favorite designs are textural, intricate, refined, and detailed to a T, but most importantly, they are practical. In my opinion, interior design and everything that goes along with it gets lost when the decisions you make for a room stop being practical. For example, a simple console table may look great in your family room, but if your apartment is lacking storage space, investing in a console that doesn’t offer storage options may not be the most practical choice.

So, does that mean you can’t have the console table you have been eyeing? Of course not! Yes, the easy solution would be to nix the console table all together and instead invest in some sort of cabinet piece that had covered shelving and/or drawers built in, but who wants to take the easy route? Besides, you’ve already fallen in love with that console table! The right solution just requires a little creativity.

So what are my options? To start, it’s important to identify which items are in need of storage space? Of course, this will vary from home to home. I know in our apartment, we have excess amounts of throw blankets all over the family room (not to mention the dog toys, design magazines … the list goes on). So the mission now becomes finding a “home” where these items can be stored in your family room, possibly out of sight, while all remaining easily accessible and maintaining a stylish and well-designed space!

To list every possible storage solution that could contribute to achieving the overall design you had initially envisioned would likely result in the longest blog post there ever was. So instead, here are my top 5 storage solutions that don’t force you to choose between being practical and designing your dream family room.


My Top 5 Storage Solutions


1. Storage Ottomans: Depending on the room, Storage Ottomans can be ideal for storing items such as throw blankets, clothing, and even work files!

2. Hooks and Racks: Sometimes it’s okay to leave things “hanging around” at home. Interestingly enough, unique coat racks or even fun wall hooks can add to your overall décor while offering you a practical place to throw your coat, dog’s leash, or car keys! For example, about a year back, I helped my sister and her fiance source this Quatrefoil Iron Wall Plaque with Hooks from Hayneedle – I love how it makes a statement in their entry while being functional at the same time!

3. Storage Sofa: You can literally store things in the sofa! Need I say more?

4. Baskets: Whether used to store towels, magazines, toys, or firewood, there is always something lying around that can be left out on display in a cute basket.

5. Bar Carts : Have a smaller kitchen? Why not display your liquors and prettiest bar accessories on a bar cart rather than hiding them in a cabinet where no one ever sees them!

Need more ideas of places to look for smart storage solutions? Check out my Hidden Gems post to learn more about my favorite go to places!

xx Linnie

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