A Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. My parents host at their house, and, while I’ve never been much help in the kitchen, I’ve always loved to help set and decorate the table. For those of you out there looking to up your Thanksgiving tablescape game this year, here are two centerpiece ideas, guaranteed to wow your family and friends this holiday!

Flowers and Cranberries

This first centerpiece is always a crowd pleaser and it’s pretty simple to put together. What you need: fresh seasonal flowers, a variety of clear glass vases (different shapes/heights), and lots of red cranberries. As long as you have some pretty flowers to work with, I promise you can’t mess this up! Once you have what you need, start by filling up each of the vases with water and then pouring the red cranberries into the vases. How many cranberries you want to use, is completely up to you! After the cranberries are in, cut and arrange the flowers in each of the vases. That’s it! I recommend leaving yourself some time to play around with the cranberries, vases, and flowers to get a feel for the different arrangements you can create. This will help you decide what is going to look best on your table!

FLOWERSNow, all thats left to do is put them out for display. My suggestion, don’t limit yourself to only showcasing the festive arrangements on the main dining table!  Make a few extras and place them throughout the house for a cohesive look and feel. I like to put at least one in the powder room, on the bar, and sprinkle others throughout the spaces as needed!

Candles and Potpourri

If flowers and cranberries don’t seem quite right for your table, another one of my “go to” Thanksgiving centerpieces maybe right up your alley (and they are just as easy to throw together). For this one, you need an assortment of hurricane candle holders (ideally clear glass), some festive potpourri, and a few decent sized candles. While all of your hurricane holders can be exactly the same, they definately don’t need to be (in fact I like this look better when the hurricane’s vary in shape and size across the table).

Depending on the type of hurricanes and candle sizes you are working with, you may or may not want to put the candle in first (I typically place the candle in first to ensure it sits flat at the bottom of the hurricane). Once the candle is in place, pour or place the potpourri around the candle. That’s it! I typically pack the potpourri around the candle until it sits about one-third or halfway up the candle itself; but ultimately, it’s up to you!

Caution: When I make these centerpieces, I can’t help but worry about potential fire hazards. To ease my mind, I always use new candles to maximize the amount of time the wick can burn that night… just in case 😉

candlesMy favorite thing about this centerpiece option … it’s practical and you can reuse the hurricanes for various occasions throughout the year. For those of you who don’t already have a handful of hurricanes laying around the house, I think you will find them to be worthwhile investments you can use over and over again!

There are countless other creative things you can do to give your table that extra flare during the holidays, but these are two of my favorites that never let me down. Post and Tag #theobjectswithin on Instagram with pictures of how your centerpieces come out. I can’t wait to see! Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

xo Lindsey



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